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Tripp Lite UR050-06N Universal Reversible USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Cable - (Reversible A to 5Pin Micro B M/M) 6-in.

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Tripp Lite UR050-06N Universal Reversible USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Cable - (Reversible A to 5Pin Micro B M/M) 6-in. - Manufacturer: Tripp Lite - Mfg Part Number: UR050-06N - Condition: New - Packaging: Retail...
"Tripp Lite UR050-06N,0037332182302,Tripp Lite UR050-06N Universal Reversible USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Cable - (Reversible A to 5Pin Micro B M/M) 6-in."

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